Mr. Rashid Shafi is one of the most reputed business leaders in Pakistan who has attained 35 years’ experience spanning across telecommunications, high-tech electronic manufacturing, and oil & gas servicing industries. His visionary leadership approach at senior management roles has enabled organizations to develop flagship products, construct entrenchment strategies for existing services and penetrative plans to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

Mr. Shafi holds Bachelors’ & Masters’ Degrees in Electrical Engineering. He is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School, USA and Advanced Leadership Program from Cambridge Judge Business School, UK. Mr. Rashid Shafi is leading Sync & Secure Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. as Director & Chief Executive Officer laying the foundation of a widespread IoT eco-system in Pakistan. He is also heading the Long-Term Strategic Plans of Multinet Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd since 2005 as SEVP & Chief Business Officer (International). It has been due to his contributions, guidance, mentoring and entrepreneurial leadership that Multinet has emerged as one of the strongest forces in Pakistan’s telecommunications landscape.

He is widely accredited for his advocacy to promote a subtle, open and neutral telecom regulatory framework that has been acknowledged and adopted by the industry.


He is leading all Technical Operations at Rubitron Labs. Being a hardware design engineer, Mr. Raza has been serving the RubiTron Labs for more than 3 years & in his tenure, he has delivered tremendously remarkable projects. He has a robust command of the C++ language & is currently working on a project which uses ARM architecture.

As a design engineer, he develops IoT products from innovative engineering ideas in which his expertise range from building the hardware and integrating it with the software platform. Mr. Raza is a proud part of RTL’s family that is always ready to shape his design into marketable products.

Mr. Raza is a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Power from the University of Lahore.

SENIOR ENGINEER (Research & Development)

He is one of the core team members of RubiTron Labs – Sync & Secure Technologies and currently he is leading the R&D department of RTL. Ali has diverse experience in designing E2ES (End-to-End Solution). IoT Architect and as an Agilist, he has contributed a lot in developing and managing the industrial product portfolio of RTL.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Electronics & Telecom, and holds a supervisory license from Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and also pursuing Masters in Data Science.

He is currently researching “Decentralized Blockchain IoT Frameworks” and “Embedded AI”  which he intends to assimilate in his future development. He is also mentoring young talent to focus on Outcome Base Education (OBE) because he has strong faith that “Knowledge without Action” is a bootless errand.


He is one of the core team members of RubiTron Labs. Muhammad Ateeb Rasheed is our Software Team Lead. He is skilled in both frontend (Bootstrap, React, HTML/CSS) and backend (Node Js) development, and has a passion for working with the MERN stack. As our Software Team Lead, Mr. Ateeb is responsible for leading a team of talented developers and driving the success of our company.

As an expert in MERN Stack Development, Mr. Muhammad Ateeb has delivered exceptional projects. Ateeb has a solid background in distributed application design and development. Having practical hands-on experience in the field of MERN Stack, Mr. Ateeb has played a vital role in the improvement of RubiTron’s dashboard and development of new Applications. He is dedicated to continuing his progress at a great pace.

Muhammad Ateeb is a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Comsats University Islamabad.


Just in a timespan of a year, Mr. Shoaib has worked on more than 11 projects among which some were highly complex, regardless of that he has always done the work on time with a high degree of professionalism. His passion for embedded hardware designing has enabled the RTL to make the end product even better with outstanding attention to detail. Shoaib has diverse working experience in computer networking, embedded hardware designing, and embedded software development.

He has expertise in writing device drivers for embedded systems. With a conducive learning environment, Mr. Shoaib has got to learn a lot about the IoT field & enhanced his skills in embedded system development.

He is a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Electronics from FAST-NUCES. RTL is passionate about the work of a true professional like Mr. Shoaib.

Muazzam Ali


As an Electrical Hardware Engineer, Mr. Muazzam is developing, testing and adjusting the electrical components for RTL’s  IOT devices. His responsibilities in RTL is to design and create electrical systems, troubleshoot issues, make modifications to improve the devices, and perform ongoing maintenance and repair.

He is a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and holds a supervisory license from Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)


Having practical hands-on experience in the field of Mobile Application development, Mr. Shafiq is a React Native developer and has played a vital role in the development of Geysital Mobile Application. He is currently working on the feature enhancement of the Geysital Smart Geyser System and other Mobile Applications which includes various sections ranging from the overview of the module to logs, and settings.

We are grateful for giving this opportunity to him & we are looking for greater days ahead.

Mr. Shafiq has done Msc in  Computer Science from University Of Okara.


Having practical hands-on experience in the field of Web Application Development. Mr Mudasser is a passionate Software Developer Having Experience of Designing and building Web and Mobile applications with JavaScript / Reactjs / ReactNative / Nodejs and some other cool libraries and frameworks. 

Mr Mudasser has done his BSSE from Virtual University of Pakistan. 

We’re grateful for giving this opportunity to him and we are looking for greater days ahead.


At Rubitron Labs, we are proud to have Waqas Ahmed as one of our Associate Software Engineers. Waqas has one year of experience working in the field of software development. He is an expert in React Native and is using this technology to build high-quality mobile apps for RTL. As an Associate Software Engineer at Rubitron Labs, Waqas plays a key role in our team, using his skills and expertise to help us create innovative and successful apps. He is currently working on Geysital Smart Geyser System mobile application new design and features.

Mr. Waqas has Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Comsats University Islamabad.