Our Team


Mr. Rashid Shafi is one of the most reputed business leaders in Pakistan who has attained 35 years’ experience spanning across telecommunications, high-tech electronic manufacturing, and oil & gas servicing industries. His visionary leadership approach at senior management roles has enabled organizations to develop flagship products, construct entrenchment strategies for existing services and penetrative plans to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

Mr. Shafi holds Bachelors’ & Masters’ Degrees in Electrical Engineering. He is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School, USA and Advanced Leadership Program from Cambridge Judge Business School, UK. Mr. Rashid Shafi is leading Sync & Secure Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. as Director & Chief Executive Officer laying the foundation of a widespread IoT eco-system in Pakistan. He is also heading the Long-Term Strategic Plans of Multinet Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd since 2005 as SEVP & Chief Business Officer (International). It has been due to his contributions, guidance, mentoring and entrepreneurial leadership that Multinet has emerged as one of the strongest forces in Pakistan’s telecommunications landscape.

He is widely accredited for his advocacy to promote a subtle, open and neutral telecom regulatory framework that has been acknowledged and adopted by the industry.


Mr. Tarique Aslam Qureshi has over 15 years of experience in telecom, data networks and internet services industry of Pakistan excelling at strategic management, business process reengineering, telecom networks designing and implementation and international sales.

Throughout his career, Mr. Tarique has been trusted for his amalgamation of skills, knowledge and abilities to govern businesses from inception to making them into profitable entities. He is reputed to be an exceptional leader who has the capability of mobilizing his teams and resources to a joint win through the most challenging targets.

Mr. Tarique has been associated to Sync & Secure Technologies, Multinet, Cyber Net and Satcom in various techno-commercial managerial roles in his career and has achieved various successful projects / business wins to his credit.

He is a Master in Business Administration from Institute of Business Management (2007) and a Computer Information Systems Engineer from NED University of Engineering and Technology (2004). He is also a visiting faculty member to Institute of Business Management where he mentors the young business leaders at International Marketing and Marketing Management.


Mr. Umair Razzaque has over 2 years of experience in IoT devices as a Product Specialist including troubleshooting of server-side (cloud management), software applications and dashboards, electronic circuits and worked with different sensors.

Throughout his career as a Product Specialist, Mr. Razzaque has been trusted with his skills, knowledge, abilities to maintain deployments of IoT devices, resolve issues and complaints in time, and troubleshoot issues in different IoT domains with his team.

Now as a Head of IoT Innovation Center, he is managing Software, Embedded and Circuit designing team with full dedication and working on different software and hardware projects like Custom Embroidery on Fabric, Smart Collection Box, Smart Sprinkle System on UAV, Energy Management, etc.

He is a Master in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Electronics and Communications from UET, Lahore, and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Electronics Engineering from COMSATS, Abbottabad.


Mr. Usman Asim an electronics expert with a passion for building intelligent solutions using a combination of hardware & software. Have a proven track record of implementing several projects for conserving energy by identifying energy leakage points such as real-time consumption at breaker level, automating and scheduling office appliance for optimal energy usage, intelligent water management, etc.

Throughout his career as a Product Specialist, Mr. Usman Asim has been trusted his skills, knowledge, Technical meetings and abilities to maintain deployments of IoT devices, Inventory management, co-ordination with different vendor to get new products, manage customers’ complaints in time, and troubleshoot issues in different IoT domains with his team.

Mr. Usman Asim has been associated to Sync & Secure Technologies and Multinet for various technical projects in his career and has achieved various successful projects.

He is a bachelor in Electronics Engineering with specialization in Telecommunication Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology (2017).


Sabrina Ahmad Malik is leading the Marketing department of Sync & Secure Technologies (Pvt) Limited. Sabrina has been in-charge of executing Through-the-Line (TTL) marketing strategies from planning, developing and implementing campaigns that deliver realized returns.

With hands-on experience with marketing and media, she has been able to craft a strategic brand positioning by utilizing various media platforms and digital strategies to increase brand equity drastically through affiliate marketing, social media marketing, native advertising, creative content and marketing literature development, co-branding, influencer marketing, traffic generation techniques as well as search engine optimization. Her expertise includes effective business marketing communication, research methodologies, commercial writing, creative direction, strategic enterprise collaboration and project management.

Sabrina graduated with a degree in Bachelors of Business Administration, Majors in Marketing and Minor in Media Studies from Lahore School of Economics. She is actively engaged with volunteer work to reduce animal cruelty in Pakistan and works to improve medical care and sheltering stray animals.


Moeez brings a very diverse pool of experience to the table. Starting off with core Networks, he has worked with different series of Cisco & Huawei Routers and Switches including data-center environment. This also includes dealing with LTE and Radio corporate clients while working with Cyber Internet Services.

Since 2018, he is actively working on emerging technology of Internet of Things. His experience also includes operating his own IoT-Based Startup. Right now, he is foreseeing the Incubation Program at RubiTron Labs. He adds,”We are passionately working to change the risk averse personalities of students and make them home-grown in technologies especially for the emerging ones. Students need to realize that there are entities working solely to equip them with firm grounds which will not only enable them but will create a perfect value addition opportunity for the whole eco-system”.

Moeez graduated with a degree of Bachelors in Computer Science from COMSATS University Islamabad. He also holds different technical and business certifications as he believes that technology and business always co-create.


He is heading the Hardware Wing of Sync & Secure Technologies (Pvt) Limited. As an embedded developer and circuit designer he is currently working on various industrial R&D projects. His approach is to interface all system on single “System on a Chip (SoC)” in Real-Time constraints.

Muhammad Zeeshan is a technology enthusiast, he possesses strong experience on ARM architectures, Embedded Linux franchises and Real-time Operating Systems. He is handy in writing kernel, firmware’s and Protocol Stacks. He dedicated his career in Robotics, Aeronautics and Communication Systems; he has hands-on experience on more than 50 sensors/modules and development boards.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Electronics &Telecom and holds supervisory license from Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and has completed more than 20 online courses offered by Udacity, Udemy, Coursera, Stanford and Harvard University.

Zeeshan is currently researching on Ion thrusters, Missile Interrogation Systems, and Interception. He is also mentoring young talent to focus on Outcome Base Education (OBE) because he has strong faith that “Knowledge without Action” is bootless errand.


Arslaan is a result-oriented professional with hands-on experience in the latest full stack web technologies. He has a solid background in distributed application design and development in parallel to practical experience both in front – end (Bootstrap, React, HTML/CSS) and back-end (Node JS, PHP) development.

Being a team lead, Arslaan addresses the entire SDLC to analyze needs, design, test and develop software to meet stated requirements and manages database design and implementation including integration and migration of data on cloud servers.

Arslaan graduated from Beaconhouse National University (BNU) with a B.SC(Honors) degree in Software Engineering.


Mr. Zain Bin Samin has completed his bachelor’s in Software Engineering from Beaconhouse National University. He is currently working as an associate software engineer in Sync & Secure Technologies.

His current expertise applies to all the latest web technologies and MVC frameworks such as PHP, Laravel and MERN stack which enables him to engineer scalable, modular web-based solutions.

Throughout his career, he has worked in many different aspects in the field of IT such as a technical writer, IT support manager and currently a full-stack developer.


Umair Yaqub is an Application Developer, currently working in Sync & Secure Technologies. He possesses a sound background in Mobile & Web Application Development with latest technologies as well as extensive training in programming techniques such as PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Java, MVC.

He is currently working with MERN Stack Technology. He has completed his bachelor in software engineering from Beaconhouse National University. In his experience he has worked in android application development with java using android studio.

He has made major contributions in development of mobile applications for different projects including IoT solutions.