Introduction to RubiTron Labs

Pakistan is a country with a pool of talented tech-preneurs (technical entrepreneurs) that possess value-adding knowledge and capabilities but are overlooked due to gaps between the IT graduate skills and IT industry needs. By not being mobilized in the right avenues, Pakistan has decelerated growth in ICT sector and isn’t able to take advantage of available potential.

To bridge this opportunity gap, Sync & Secure (S&S) has initiated RubiTron Labs (RTL) which is an outcome-driven research and innovation programme designed for students and fresh graduates to engage with latest IoT technologies and industrial IoT trends. As a significant contribution towards society, based on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), this initiative promotes use of technology and expedites IoT adoption in Pakistan.

RTL delivers a robust platform for upcoming technology and business leaders to engage into research, development and application of futuristic IoT solutions in close coordination with leading manufacturers. RTL provides a research lab along with fundamental research tools with international affiliations to conduct research and contribute to real IoT projects and startups in Pakistan. This technological platform aims to provide students with adequate training, mentorship as well as an independent learning programme for them to instill their education in practical assignments and projects. Their contribution in research of various technology projects will play a major role in their ability to apply technical skills and learned knowledge to real-world market-specific scenarios. This platform aims to transform the research process of IoT technology, and includes initiatives that allow students to explore how IoT technologies can be implemented in businesses which will improve business productivity and efficiency. Our innovation center fills the gap between academia and IoT industry and serves as a bridge for students to traverse, and result in capacity building.

Our Business Incubation Programme based on zero equity, provides key performers of RTL the opportunity to showcase a bankable plan which, after successful authorization, will be carried forward into the project management process. RTL research students can collect and connect information with a standardized research approach, employing data strategies, unbiased assessment of IoT products, testing of product samples, present findings plus recommendations as to whether to include the research product in the product/service portfolio and begin incubation.

The programme is designed to provide a conducive platform to students to exercise their talents through generic and technical training in various disciplines, and welcome organizational and educational sponsorship. It is also open to forming affiliations with academia, industry and entrepreneurs to promote and support our cause.


Training Session
Team Discussion
Software Team
Software Backend Development
PCB Testing
PCB Soldering
PCB Designing
PCB Design verification
Image Processing
Embedded Coding
Developing a Website
Programmer Writing a Code